Joint Statement on the Legitimacy of 2023 Cambodian General Election


Joint Statement on the Legitimacy of 2023 Cambodian General Election

The undersigned organizations express our profound concern over the upcoming election for the National Assembly in Cambodia, scheduled to occur tomorrow. We firmly believe that this election is poised to lack genuineness and meaningful electoral competitiveness, raising serious doubts about its adherence to democratic principles and international election standards.

Our apprehensions are rooted in the observed international standards used in assessing the legitimacy of elections, on which the upcoming electoral exercise indicates a notable absence of transparency, fairness, and inclusivity in the electoral process. Instances of biased decisions by the election management body, suppressed opposition, restricted political freedoms, and limited access to impartial information have cast a shadow over the integrity and quality of the electoral process and election results.

We are particularly troubled by concerns surrounding the independence and neutrality of the National Election Commission (NEC). Evidence suggests a clear bias towards the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, and the exclusion of the Candlelight Party from participating in the elections serves as a stark example of the severely restricted political space and the unfair limitations imposed on opposition parties. Such disqualification further exacerbates the imbalanced and unjust political environment, leaving minimal room for opposition voices to compete on equal footing with the ruling party.

Moreover, the shrinking space available for civil society and the deliberate targeting of human rights defenders and activists raise serious alarm. The constriction of civic space undermines the active participation of civil society in the electoral process without fear of reprisal.

Additionally, media freedom faces constraints, with independent media and other election stakeholders experiencing harassment online as well as offline, while state- controlled media dominate the information landscape. Considering these deeply entrenched issues, tomorrow’s election is likely to fall short of meeting the criteria for credible elections, including transparency, inclusion and the accountability of election stakeholders.

The identified flaws in all aspects, combined with the evident bias towards the ruling party, seriously compromise the principles of democracy and seriously question the integrity and credibility of the electoral process.

In light of these concerns, we urge the ASEAN, its member States, and all other international communities to refrain from legitimizing the election and to continue supporting the people of Cambodia in their quest for freedom and democracy. Upholding the democratic values is essential to foster a just and equitable society, and we stand united in advocating for an accountable, transparent, inclusive, and genuinely competitive electoral process in Cambodia.

  1. AccessNow
  2. ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR)
  3. Asian Democracy Network (ADN)
  4. Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)
  5. Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL)
  6. The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (BERSIH)
  7. Citizen Congress Watch (CCW)
  8. Electoral Support Network of Southern Africa (ESN-SA)
  9. Inter-American Network for Election Observation and Electoral Integrity
  10. International Federation for Human Right (FIDH)
  11. Komite Independen Pemantau Pemilu (KIPP)
  12. Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE)
  13. National Election Observation Committee (NEOC)
  15. People’s Actions for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL)
  16. Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi (PERLUDEM)
  17. Transparent Elections Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA)
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