Consultancy Notice: Facilitator for APHR Strategic Thinking and Team Building towards “Building a Strong Team”


Consultancy Notice: Facilitator for APHR Strategic Thinking and Team Building towards “Building a Strong Team”

ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights is looking for a facilitator for APHR strategic thinking and team building towards “Building a Strong Team”. The purpose of this workshop is to enhance strategic thinking skills and promote a strategic mindset among APHR staff members. The workshop aims to provide a platform for APHR staff to learn and practice strategic thinking techniques, explore different perspectives, and develop strategic approaches to address complex challenges and issues being faced by the organization this year.

The workshop will be conducted over a period of two days from January 31 – February 1, consisting of interactive sessions, group activities, discussions and team building exercises. The format will encourage active participation, engagement, and collaborative learning.

The workshop is designed for individuals at all levels of an organization who are involved in decision-making, planning, and strategy development. An external facilitator with expertise in strategic thinking, human rights-based approach/strategy, and organizational development will conduct the workshop. They will create a supportive and engaging learning environment, facilitate discussions, and provide guidance throughout the workshop.

A team building exercise will be conducted to enhance teamwork, collaboration, and engagement within a group or organization. Participants will learn and practice essential team-building skills, explore effective communication strategies, and develop a shared understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the team.

The team building exercise will consist of a combination of interactive sessions, group activities, role-playing exercises, and discussions. The format will be highly participatory, encouraging active engagement and learning through practical application.

Applicants may submit the following requirements to with subject heading “Strategic Thinking and Team Building Consultant” by Sunday 22 January 2024:

  • Cover letter (1 page max) including why they consider themselves as the most suitable candidates for the assignment.
  • Personal CV indicating all relevant past experience.
  • Proposed workshop design for 2 days.

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