Consultancy Notice – External Consultant for Thailand Legislative Advocacy Toolkit Development


Consultancy Notice – External Consultant for Thailand Legislative Advocacy Toolkit Development

APHR is looking for a consultant to draft a short, pedagogical, and engaging toolkit, approximately 15 pages in length, explaining the different steps in the legislative procedures in Thailand. The toolkit will be presented as a practical and accessible tool for APHR’s staff and members, members of parliament in Thailand and their staff, and key civil society partners.

The output will be published online, launched through a national level workshop with APHR Members, the researcher, and members of civil society in Thailand. The toolkit will be based on a research output that is already available.

The region’s leaders are increasingly resorting to adopting laws that restrict fundamental freedoms. In this context, parliamentarians, through their legislative mandate, become an important shield against further erosion of rights. MPs can repeal, or amend restrictive laws as they reach parliament. 

To be able to engage them effectively APHR and civil society organizations in Southeast Asia must be able to understand and know the parliamentary legislative process well. For APHR this would allow us to better empower our members to use their mandate to reform rights-restricting laws, and to advocate their governments to protect human rights for all. 

As such, APHR conducted research in five countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, to better understand and unpack the legislative process. The research covers what is the legislative process, including the different stages a bill can go through, how to write an amendment, who can initiate a bill, what is the usual practice in the country, as well as identify effective entry points for law reform advocacy. This research will be developed into a pedagogical, visual, and engaging toolkit to be disseminated among parliamentarians, APHR staff and members, and civil society members to aid in legislative advocacy work.

In 2023, APHR has developed and launched the Malaysia Legislative Advocacy Toolkit: A Toolkit on Advancing Human Rights through the Malaysian Legislative Process” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, bringing together APHR members and civil society organizations to discuss legislative advocacy opportunities and strategies in Malaysia. The Toolkit is designed to provide civil society and the public with essential information for engaging with Malaysian parliamentarians in the country’s legislative process. 

Building on this momentum, APHR is expanding its efforts with the development of the Thailand Legislative Advocacy Toolkit this year. The toolkit is part of APHR’s broader initiative to enhance transparency and civic participation in legislative processes across Southeast Asia. The Toolkit is a key component of APHR’s broader initiative to enhance the capacity of both civil society and parliamentarians in using their legislative powers to advance human rights and democratic principles.

The consultant will report to APHR’s Programs Coordinator for Democracy and Fundamental Freedoms who will provide him/her with all relevant background information and directions and will conduct reviews of the drafts.

Applicants may submit the following requirements to  with subject heading “Thailand Legislative Advocacy Toolkit Development Consultant” by 5th July 2024 :

  • Cover letter (1 page max) including why they consider themselves as the most suitable candidates for the assignment.
  • Personal CV and/or portfolio indicating all relevant past experience.
  • Quotation with fixed amount of the proposed fee
  • A relevant writing sample in English. 

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

APHR is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified candidates of all genders from all nationalities, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply.

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