Disenfranchisement and Desperation in Myanmar’s Rakhine State:
Drivers of a Regional Crisis

Political exclusion is exacerbating the already intense sense of desperation among Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, and driving a regional crisis that ASEAN leaders are ill prepared to confront. Unless serious steps are taken to address the situation of deprivation and despair in Rakhine State, many Rohingya will have no other option but to flee in search of asylum elsewhere.

The report examines in detail the factors driving Rohingya to flee, and explores steps that can be taken by the Myanmar government and other ASEAN governments to help mitigate those factors.


The Rohingya Crisis and the Risk of Atrocities in Myanmar:   An ASEAN Challenge and Call to Action

The longstanding persecution of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar has led to
the highest outflow of asylum seekers by sea since the U.S. war in Vietnam. Human rights violations against Rohingya have resulted in a regional human trafficking epidemic, and there have been further abuses against Rohingya upon their arrival in other Southeast Asian countries.

The report represents a call to action. It demonstrates that the escalating human rights crisis in Myanmar and Southeast Asia more broadly is exacerbated by ASEAN’s failure to take effective action.